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C. Born in '91. Lives in Australia. Occupational therapy student at university. Battling borderline personality disorder, an eating disorder and depression and anxiety. Currently doing DBT & finding it hard to take a non-judgemental stance towards it. Messages and asks are welcome :)

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One of our groups therapists for DBT will be going on leave soon, and may also have to do jury duty. This means D, my individual therapist, will be running the group which will make it a lot less tolerable. Having to get through 1.5 hrs of individual therapy a week is enough without an additional 2.5 hrs of group with her running it too.

Baked apple & cinnamon muffins which I’m going to bring to DBT group tomorrow!

Bubur ayam (chicken porridge) for dinner #edsoldiers #edrecovery #recoveringaussies

Maybe I should watch this! :)

Tell me what you think of it if you do :)

Just watched Call Me Crazy a movie which follows five people with mental health issues and their family. The first part was corny and cliché- like really, you two just met in hospital and now you’re making out on a psych unit??! But once you get past that stage, the rest of the movie is good.


HW: 1-pg Words of Wisdom for the 1st years. Yup, this counts as a page. #OTschool #onequarterleft 😩

Also you can be overweight and physically healthy. Bmi is a very flawed system and other things like bloods, BP, other cardiac monitoring can give a better picture. I didn't want you to think my doctors forced me up to a weight where I was at risk. I'm bmi 27 now and I'm the healthiest I've ever been in my life. Having a higher bmi is not the worst thing that can happen. I was at risk of MI when I had anorexia but nobody would even consider that as a possibility now
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Yes it’s true that a person can be overweight to an extent and be healthy, just like a person can be underweight to an extent and be healthy. It depends on the person- someone may be naturally healthy at a higher BMI but I’m health at a naturally lower BMI.

I had to gain up to 24 and that is the only time when the 'voices' stopped. I relapsed more often when I was allowed to maintain lower. Just food for thought. And yeah when I was a child with AN they just used a growth chart which SUCKED. My last relapse happened when I was overweight. I had to gain to the weight I was when I was last mostly without an ED. So I actually ended up having to gain back to overweight and them having special help to lose some. It really worked for me
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Glad it worked for you :)

Even though they mean well, it stresses me out when relatives drop off food for me. They do it because I live alone and cook for myself so they want to help out in case I’m too busy or can’t be bothered to cook just for myself. But I do cook and because I am cooking solely for one I usually end up cooking too much and have five days worth of food to see me through. And then when I get extra food on top of that I feel like I have to eat it because I don’t want to waste food, but then it makes me feel even more full and bloated and feeling awful about my body, and at times triggers the urge to binge and purge. I’d feel rude though if I refused their food. Ugh.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
Aesop (via healingschemas)